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̹ п ū ̰ Ű ģ Բ . ̰ ۻ ۰ Կ ߴϴ.

̵ ִ ٸ ޵ ݵ ̷  ⸦ ϸ ̾Ե Բ ; øϴ.

л ̷ ߴ ε Ƹ Ƽ ڱⰡ ϴ Ҽ ִٴ ̸ ڰ ϴ° ƿ.

̰ 縦 ÷ϴ.

Walking down the streets in a place of jubilee
A place where everybodys dream comes true when you looking
New life when you coming, new breath when you walking
Melting pot, a place for me and you, a place where you can start anew

Yet why is home not home to a segregated lot
And why was not everybody put in the pot
Some left out to rot, begging and fighting to have equal thought
Many battles they fought, but nothing to show what they got

When you look at a person
There is no harm, no hate, no suffering, no pain for using our eyes
Except that when you form lies, assuming the whos and whys
Thats when problems arise, of insurmountable size
Not moving forward is only falling back
We need to come together because unity we lack
We need to take a stand cuz we are not free
But how can we do that if we are not we

Everybody stand up raise your hands up in the air
wave your hands around and flail em like you just dont care
Everybody let the music take control and sing

Let it out
Shout it out
Release your inhibitions, be yourself, and have no doubt

Let it out
Shout it out
And sing

Lifes complicated
Why we separated?
Why we hating?
Why we shaming?
Why we making hating be permitted?

Heres an open note letter try to make the world better
Be a friend, always mend, not your place to condescend

Go ahead, go renew, make yourself a new you
Go ahead pick a different color make a different you
Take your little spark, make your fire into flames
Make a big ol` mark, take your life into fame

Yeah, together were going on a trip
Come along, fly in our favorite rocketship
Flying through the sky, there are more than some einsteins
Each one of us has different drives, different sparkles in our eyes

We can come together, make our world a better place
Maybe one day what we all call home can be the same space
So smile, be happy, reap some blessings from above
We all have hope, now all we need is love



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